21-day Manifestation Challenge

Mooniepie here!

I did a 21-day Manifestation Challenge on January 1st, 2022.

If you know me, does this surprise you at all?

Gabby Bernstein a Spiritual Guru that led this challenge at a perfect time.
If you haven't heard of her, I highly suggest you check Gabby out. She is pretty groovy.

If spirituality and manifestation aren't your things. You don't have to stay.

I won't go into great detail about each day and each lesson. However, I will sum it up for you then you can take little nuggets or maybe one nugget and use it in your daily routine. My hope is for you to find that spark of inspiration!

Okay, YA GURL took this challenge very seriously.

Perhaps I took a little too much on.

This challenge is a 21-day Manifestation Challenge. I won't tell you what I wanted to manifest in 21 days, however, it was A LOT. I dreamt BIG and small.

I know. I know. you're already probably saying, "MOONIEPIE, JUST TELL US HOW TO MANIFEST ALREADY!"

OKAY!! Okay, I will!

Are you ready for it?

FEEL GOOD! That is it!

Are you feeling a little underwhelmed by my answer?

Well, I just saved you $37.00. On top of that, I will tell you how to feel good!

I said that this manifestation challenge came at the most perfect time because, well, I hit a wall. A big ole wall of stone and mortar.

This wall is called, "Burnout."

Not. Good.

Laura's wall of burnout looks like a lot of sleeping, pj's, and binge-watching Netflix's Queer Eye. Shout out to my Johnathan Van Ness fans!

I am addicted to "doing."

You are probably scratching your head at this point.
Let me explain.
I constantly have to be doing something. I have a hard time sitting still. Whether that is washing dishes, sweeping, organizing, drawing up new plans for projects on my house, yoga, journaling, cleaning up cat puke, scanning my house at all things I need to do. I am a big LIST gal. My to-do list is constantly a mile long.

When I do take the time to sit, I am not present.

I am sure a lot of you can relate!

Okay. Enough about me.

Let me help you!

Long story short I didn't manifest a yacht or a million dollars.

I manifested what brought me JOY.

Ah, yes, joy. A good feeling.

I want you to take a moment to think of what brings you joy.

Maybe that is sipping a cup of coffee and watching the birds outside, perhaps you are a plant person, taking care of your plants brings you joy, or you are super into self-care and love getting facials.

DO IT. Do more of what fills your cup, & what brings you joy.

The key to manifesting is getting in that good feeling.

Learn from me. Stop doing and start being.

You will start to notice subtle shifts each day.

I promise little, tiny miracles will happen.

So, my challenge for you is this.

Book that facial. Grab that book covered in dust. Take your dog for a walk in the woods and listen to the trees.

Do this for 21 days. Let me know if you notice anything different.

As Gabby Bernstein likes to say, "Pay attention to the driftwood."

Let's find your driftwood.

I believe in you!

XO, Mooniepie