5 Reasons Why You Should Book With the Apprentice

Look, having been an apprentice myself, I may hold a little bias on this one so stick with me here.

First things first, what is an apprentice anyway? An apprentice is someone who is learning a trade under an accredited supervisor in exchange for work at little to no wage. In this particular case, Maine Aesthetics Apprentices must complete 1000 hours of hands on training mixed with lots and lots of book work, online training, and classes. At the 150 hour mark, apprentices can practice on some voluntary clients and coworkers with the help of their supervisor for at least 50% off in order to understand the technique and to gain some experience with different skin types. This will go on until their supervisor believes they are fully prepared to take clients independently for services, but at a largely discounted rate, around 30% off. At 1000 hours, the apprentice will take their State of Maine Practical and Written Examinations to become fully licensed Aestheticians. Now that we understand what an apprentice is, let’s get down to why I think you should give them a shot!

1) By the time apprentices are ready to take clients, they know what they’re doing… and if they don’t, they’ll ask their supervisor! Their services are discounted for a reason. While they may not be as fast as a more seasoned aesthetician, they know the protocols enough that you can be sure you’ll get a great service, whether they need assistance or not.

2) Booking with an apprentice is booking for the long haul. You will be there throughout their entire journey! This will instill a lasting relationship where you can both help each other grow.

3) The hours of training apprentices must go through before they can touch a client is the equivalent to a full month, give or take, of constant aesthetics information.

4) You’re doing a good thing. Apprentices need experience! Have I said that already?

5) I can personally say, working under Lauren Panaro was one of the most rewarding experiences because of her incredible skills that she teaches so naturally. Upon completing my apprenticeship not only did I feel ready to take on any clients who walked through the front door, I felt more ready than those who were just entering the workforce after completing traditional school (per an esthetics school graduate who took her boards with me.)

So what do you say? The Skin Room currently has TWO apprentice aestheticians who are looking to gain all the experience they can. If you’re ready to give them a chance, give us a call! Laura and Aleena would be happy to get you booked at 207-412-2072! You will also be able to book online with them very soon, but for now calling or sending us a DM on Instagram is the best way to secure a booking.

Xoxo, Kiersten