Q- Does The Skin Room have any products that can help with ingrown hairs?

A- Yes! We have multiple solutions that we can try to keep that from happening. Everyone is different so it's mostly trail and error, but don't give up on waxing just yet! We will work with you and come up with a plan!

Q- Do you have any services for men?

A- Almost ALL of our services are great for men as well! But we do not offer manzillians, but anything beyond that The Skin Room world is your oyster, dude!

Q- I have a celiac disease. Do you used gluten-based products?

A- Most Dermalogica and Face Reality products are Gluten free. However, if you are intolerant or celiac be sure to let us know so that we can consider that as we create your treatment plan.

Q- Does The Skin Room do walk-in appointments?

A- Typically we are all booked up, so it's best to make an appointment ahead of time. But it never hurts to call or just pop-in, one of us might be free!

Q- Can I bring my teenage daughter in for her first facial?

A- Yes of course! It's ideal to begin great skincare sooner rather than later! We look forwad to all new clients :)

Q- Can I get a faical or wax even if I'm pregnant?

A- Yes! We have a few products that cannot be used during pregnancy, but otherwise you are good to go! We do need clients to be able to lay on their backs during the service so if that might be uncomfortable for you, it's probably best to avoid longer services such as a massage or facial.