Q- Will I break out after a facial?

A- There are two instances that you may experience a breakout.

1). An allergic reaction, though we do take every precaution to ensure we know all of your allergies!
2). If there is congestion under your skin that needs to surface anyway.

Q- Can I have a treatment if I have a cold sore?

A- No, unfortunately we will have to reschedule your appointment because we cannot treat any clients with an active coldsore due to heath and saftey reasons.

Q- Can I have treatments at The Skin Room if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

A- We have a wide range of safe treatments and products available. We advise that you do not do any of these following treatments: Light Therapy, Microneedling or any needling add-on, Chemicial Peels, Body Massage until after the first trimester.

Q- Can I add Nano-Needling onto my Facial if this is my first time being a client with The Skin Room?

A- Unfortunately, no. We can only offer Nano-Needling to our existing clients. Why? Because we need to get to know your skin before we do any sort of add-on's to Facial appointments!

Ps. If you ever find yourself wondering if you should get a Facial....JUST DO IT!