It All Starts with Brows.

Have you felt a need to feel a little better about yourself? Or maybe I should re-phrase that and ask you, have you ever thought that you need to be yourself?


Not sure where to start?


I started with brows! Just the brow's people!


May be silly? May sound small? Who cares?!? I cared! A lot!


Little did I know, just that 15-minute session with Lauren would change my life. For the better.


If you are like me and do not like spending money on yourself, stop. Let this be your sign to do it!


Book that brow appointment!


The simplicity of a brow wax was the best investment I have ever made!


These appointments turned into therapy, and then that turned into lifelong relationships.


Do you see where I am going with this?


When you step into your appointment, your service provider listens to you, they hear you, give you advice next thing you know you're telling them your deepest and darkest secrets. It is safe to say you feel like a different person when you leave.


Simple as that.


I remember telling Lauren some of the most intimate sides of my life that most people did not even know, and as you can see brow wax appointments quickly blossomed into a friendship. A friendship I still hold today.


Now I get to spend most days at my happy place, my safe place, and my second home. My home where I can be my true authentic crazy self.


The Skin Room has changed my life for the better. I am so happy that these 15-minute brow wax appointments turned into friendships, sisterhood, and my #lovemob


Now tell me, what is stopping you from booking that appointment?


The Skin Room can be your home too❤️