Mooniepie Meditates

Mooniepie here!


I did another challenge!!


If you read my last blog post I did a 21 Day Manifestation Challenge


Now that I am typing this in real-time, I am thinking I may have a slight obsession with challenges.. or maybe Gabby Bernstein herself.


If you have never heard of Gabby Bernstein she is an author and spiritual guru.


My girl Gabby Bernstein came back with another round and this one was all about Meditation.


You may be thinking, "Nah Mooniepie, I do not want to sit on top of a rock for three hours chanting OMMMMMMM."


I get it. Rocks are hard.


However, it is not about that AT ALL.


These mediations are all different and unique!


It is all about what feels right for YOU!


One day you're outside walking, and the next day she tells you to lay down for the whole meditation. Who wouldn't want to do that??


My favorite one was all about journaling the whole time! That is my JAM!


On average they are only about 10 minutes long.


If you do not have 10 minutes in your day to find time to meditate...well that is the sign you need meditation!


Gabby had these beautiful journaling prompts to go with the specific mediation.


Not going to lie, I found it hard to focus the first couple of days so the journal prompts reminded me to stay in the moment and listen to her words or be present in that moment.


What did I learn from this 21-day challenge?? I think it taught me to be more present in life, have more patience, have more fun, and learn to always make time for myself.


So if you see Lauramooniepie laying on the ground outside in the sun, or sitting in my car with my eyes closed, do not call 911, (Or you can, what a funny story that would be) I am just meditating.


Are you up for the challenge? I challenge you to meditate for 21 days and report back to me on how it went! I'm curious to know!