Peel Powerfully

Fall is comingggggggg, which means something very exciting: peel season is coming! 


Have you seen that episode of Sex and the City? You know the one....when Samantha gets the chemical peel and looks cray. I will admit that I freaking LOVE me some Sex and the City, I could watch it fo’ hours, fo’ DAYZ...and I do. But man oh man do they do us estheticians dirty on that show. Between the brazilian wax episode and the chemical peel episode, Sex and the City puts the fear of god into potential skincare clients. But I digress. 


I’m here to say that your skin doesn’t have to PEEL in order to peel. At The Skin Room we are in the business of healing your skin, not harming it. You can “peel powerful” (geddit?!) without looking like a monster for a week afterward. Not only that, but gone are the days of chemical peels only being for acne. We use Dermalogica’s Pro Power Peel line here at TSR which is totally customizable based on your skin’s particular needs. Whether you are hoping to target acne, mild breakouts, fine lines, deep wrinkles, sun spots/hyperpigmentation, or just overall dullness or dryness, we can mix and match and formulate the absolute best treatment for you. But the best part is that you are not going to PEEL….well, thats not entirely true….your skin will peel, but it will be at a microscopic level so you wont even notice. With the Pro Power Peel treatment you will likely experience mild dryness and/or tightness and possibly a little sensitivity in the days following your appointment. But thats it! Say what?! 


So if youre hoping to pull a Samantha Jones, we are not going to be your jam. But if you want to look like a glowy KWEEN without having your entire face fall off in the process, our peel option is for you. 


What exactly is a chemical peel? Its not as scary as it sounds, pinky swear. Of course, every different product line has a different protocol but here’s what you should expect when getting a Pro Power Peel here at The Skin Room:


-First we will do a deep double cleanse to get those pores cleared out.

-Then we apply a prep solution which degreases your skin and prepares it to absorb the following steps.

-Okay, this is the part that people freak out about: the acid. Open up your listening ears for a minute….ACID IS NOT BAD FOR YOUR FACE….the acids that are used in skincare are derived from “natural” things. Glycolic: sugarcane, lactic: milk, salicylic: willow tree bark, malic: apple, mandelic: almond, etc. In fact, with the right formulation, acids are incredibly beneficial as they help our skin cells turnover and do what they are supposed to do. So anyways, we can apply up to 5 layers of this step in the Pro Power Peel treatment, based on how your skin is feeling/looking. And we can mix and match, making this peel as customized as it gets! 

-Then we neutralize! AKA calm ya’ down. 

-Led Light Therapy and/or a jelly mask may be applied at this point depending on your skin’s specific needs. 

-Then its concentrated serums, moisturizer, and spf. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 


In the following few days you can expect some mild tightness and possibly purging if you had any underlying breakout activity. But then you’ll be on the train towards bright, glowy AF skin! 

Trust me, just get the peel!