The benefits of a “Lady Bits” facial at TSR and what to expect.

We’re just going to dive right in here today, are you ready?

Do you have ingrown hairs or blemishes that form after you wax? Do these things make it uncomfortable to do literally anything? If you answered yes, I think it’s time to make an appointment for a Lady Bits Facial. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about!

You will go into the treatment room and remove the bottom half of your clothing as you would if you were getting a Brazilian wax. Your esthetician will come in and remove the modesty towel to analyze the area in which is being treated. Don’t worry, they do not get all up in your biz like they would during a Brazilian. They will then begin with a cleanser with steam, and a hot towel. A light enzyme and derma filing may take place to help remove some ingrowns that are just lying on the surface.

Then come the extractions of the ingrown hairs and/or other blemishes. Not gonna lie, this part can be a little uncomfortable as they need to take a lancet tool to a very delicate area on your body in order to remove those deep ingrown hairs. But let’s be honest, ingrowns and blemishes can hurt down there and a few minutes of extractions versus another week of ingrowns is totally worth it!

Your skin is going to be inflamed after extractions so what better way to heal inflammation than an intensively healing hydrojelly mask by Esthemax. Who doesn’t love a jelly mask?! It’s the best part to literally any facial! This will sit on the area for about 10 to 15 minutes to allow it to harden before removing.

Once the jelly mask is removed there will be moisturizer that will fit your current needs and you’re done! I can’t even explain the relief you will feel leaving this appointment versus when you walked in.

In theory, routine Brazilians and Lady Bits facials will promote hair to grow in more sparce and in the correct direction to help prevent ingrowns in the future.

The Lady Bits is recommended to be booked no sooner than 1 week after your wax appointment and at least 1 week before your next wax appointment.

Just do it!