The Retail Room

Hey Guys!! Aleena here and I wanted to take a moment of your time to talk about our RETAIL ROOM! Did you know we had a retail room? Did you know that you don’t need an appointment to shop here? Did you know we have a huge array of boutique items as well as product such as Dermalogica, Jane Iredale and Face Reality? Guess what, we do! 

Lauren has hand picked all the boutique items so that they are in keeping with The Skin Room vibe. You never know what you will find here as we are constantly bringing in cute new boutique items from stickers to T-shirts to candles and so much more!

Have you smelled our candles? Not only are they hilarious, but they are also so fragrant and last HOURS!!!

Our T-shirts are made by the one and only Lacy Carter and I’ll tell you what, I get so many compliments on them when I wear them out and about. They are super comfortable and true to size. 

Do you have one of our Dermalogica Tumblers or Water Bottles? Well, if you don’t you should come in and check them out as they are a must have, especially in the summer. If you do, then I recommend buying some of our stickers to give them some flare. Some best sellers like “That’s the Tea”, “On Wednesdays (actually everyday) we Wear Pink” and “No Duh” are low in stock so come check them out soon. 

The Skin Room is not just a place of service, it is a happy place where you can come and spend your down time without needing an appointment. If you are having a bad day, come sit with Laura or myself (Aleena), we are great listeners. Write down your worries and stresses on a piece of paper so that we can dispose of them properly and smell our “Please don’t do coke in the bathroom” candle. It smells like unruly guests and snowflakes and always makes people laugh. If you are having a good day, come share some good news with us and keep the good vibes rolling with an at home Jelly mask kit that will leave you relaxed and happy because everyone knows a jelly mask is the best part of a facial and you can take one home with you!