Yes, We Are Actually Friends

The other day one of my employees looked at me and said “thank you for saving me.” Just out of nowhere. I mean, come on, cue the damn tears! What she meant was that The Skin Room had saved her from the negative environment that she had previously worked in. But what I heard was *thank you for saving me from living a life in which I am less than what I am destined to be*. In reality, SHE saved herself, of course. She made the difficult decision to leave a job that she wasnt happy at, knowing all of the mental and emotional crapola that may come along with that choice. She did all the hard work. Really all I did was provide a space for her to become her best self and truly enjoy her life….and I also nagged her, like, A LOT until she finally agreed to work for me….buttttttt, gotta do what ya gotta do, am I right? Hook, line, sink, my girl. 


I will never understand employers who treat their staff badly or employers who allow shitty shit shit to bring down all of their amazing employees. In my opinion, every person that works for me breathes motha effin FIRE and they will literally change this world someday. And I try my absolute hardest to treat them accordingly. 


Their job is to service our clients. My job is to nourish them, help them reach their goals and be successful not only in this business but also in their lives. These people are not just a number to me, not just a breathing being that was put on this earth to bring in profit. They each have their own soul, their own feelings, and their own quirks that I adore, and I am determined to make this world see each and every one of them for who they truly are. 


This morning I walked into a room in which one of my employees was crying and another was comforting her. Later on I asked the one comforting if she felt there was anything that I could do to help ease the heavy heart that my other employee was bearing. She then asked me if anyone ever fills MY cup. I told her that my cup is literally always full...and in those few moments that I sometimes forget that my cup is overflowing, I simply remind myself that there are 10 people on this earth who come to work every day to fulfill MY DREAMS. They could be out building their own things, but they choose to come here each morning and work hard and support my visions, even on the days when they think I’m a fucking crazy person. 


Stick with me here, because I have a point. 


We get asked all the time if 1. We really are all as close as we portray to the public and 2. How we maintain such incredible friendships in a female dominated workplace, because lets be honest, us ladies can be bitches. The answer to #1 is 100% YES! And the answer to #2 is in the above paragraphs: I am obsessively grateful to the people who work for me….and they are obsessively grateful for each other. We aren’t individuals who are out for only ourselves, we are a unit, a team that will protect and empower one another always. We are a #lovemob.  If one person here at TSR fails, the whole unit fails….so we simply make sure that doesn't happen. Being such solid rocks for each other forces us to be as close as we are. Employees of TSR and myself have to blindly trust the others in this group every single day. We very easily could fail each other at any given moment but….but we just dont. And because failing each other is not an option, we have a fierce love and sense of protection for one another. 


Yes, even though most of us are vegetarians, we still sometimes have beef (cue 3OH!3 tunes)...sometimes we have some doozies of fights. And yes, we ARE ALL SYNCED up on our girly cycles. So you can just imagine how the last week of each month goes down….


But thats one of the best parts about a #lovemob: you just work it out. You just do. Sometimes it takes a little screaming and crying to get there….but its so worth it. Because in the end, we become closer and have a better understanding of one another and what each of us needs from the rest. 


So yes, we really ARE as close as we make it seem on social media. And one of my best pieces of advice for other business owners is to create an environment in which your team can cultivate true and BIG friendships. I didn’t go to business school, I didnt take any business classes, I learned what I know now from all of the mistakes I’ve made along the way and this is one of the biggest lessons that I have learned. Your employees are not just a number, they are human beings, treat them as such. Additionally, it is so important to be transparent and honest with them yourself, show them your feelings and emotions, tell them about your goals and dreams, make them see what things set your soul on fire….because then they will know you as a human as well. 


Life is fucking hard. Being a mom, a dad, a wife, a husband, a son, a daughter, whatever they may be outside of this job (because remember, their job is not all they are)….it is fucking hard and real crappy at times. So what if workplaces became the safe haven, the happy place for employees….the one place that they can leave behind their personal stresses and just be their best self, surrounded by other people who are only doing the same? Surrounded by people who will love them for who they are even on their hardest days. Imagine how the world could change.