Q- Do the lash extensions effect the health of your natural lashes?

A- No, as long as your extensions are applied correctly. Lashes will have no issue growing out and shedding as they naturally would as long as each lash is isolated upon applying the extensions and no lashes are stuck together.

Q- Will the glue give me a rash or cause any skin irritation?

A- The glue used for lash extensions technically shouldn't really ever make contact with the skin. Even so, if you feel like you have especially sensitive skin we can always do a patch test to verify that there won't be any adverse reaction from the glue.

Q- Do I need to have naturally dark colored lashes for the extensions to look natural and not be obviously not my lashes?

A- The lash glue used for the extensions is black, and is painted on to the natural lash, which completely coats the lash in black color. The glue also wraps around both the natural lash and the extension, sealing the extension in place and making an all-black lash. Clients with the blondest of lashes have loved the look of their extensions! Dark lashes will ALWAYS look great on EVERYONE! :)

Q- How long will my lashes last?

A- The length lashes will stay on and looking great is very much dependent upon how well they are taken care of. Typically, if lashes are taken care of, lashes should stay l looking great for a solid 2-3 weeks, depending on an individual's hair growth rate and of course as I said how they are taken care of. After a full set is applied it is standard procedure to come back for a fill 2 weeks from the day your full set is applied to have your first fill. At this point we can assess how well your lashes are retaining and if you can go longer between fills. Most people end up coming about every 3 weeks, although some come every 2 and others come once a month. Again, it's primarily all in how you treat them!

Q- Are lash extensions uncomfortable?

A- Most clients report not feeling their lashes at all, however there have been a few cases where clients have needed to go with a shorter extension length so that the extensions don't touch their glasses.

Q- How long does it take to get a full set? A fill?

A- We block out 2.5 hours for a full set, and 1.5 hours for a fill. Depending on how many natural lashes you have, you may not need all of the allotted time. Most people are done around the two hour mark for a full set, and the one hour mark for a fill. People with lots of lashes will typically take the full appointment time. If you are unable to lay on your back with your eyes closed for the full 2.5 hours, lash extensions may not be for you.

Q- Will my lash extensions be compromised by working out, swimming, makeup, etc?

A- As long as you stay away from products that have oil in them, and waterproof mascara, lashes should be totally fine. Lashes should be kept dry for at least 12 hours (24 is ideal) after a lash appointment so that the new lashes can cure. After lashes are cured water should not hurt them at all. Mascara is definitely not great for lashes, and typically there isn't any need for it until it's time for a fill. Mascara on the bottom lashes is totally fine. Waterproof mascara however is always a big no-no. Clean lashes retain better than dirty ones!