Guess Whos Back, Back Again….TSR’s BLOG….Tell A Friend…

Hey, hey, hey! 

Did you get my Slim Shady reference?  If not, you’re going to have to brush up on your 90s/2000s rap before you subscribe to this blog because the best comparisons that I can verbalize involve my fav hip hop-sters. 


I’m Lauren, but you probably know that. I am the owner and President (how freaking INSANE does that sound?!) of The Skin Room. If you don’t know me already, this blog will give you a deep dive inside my nerd-y skincare-lovin head. 

Back in the early days of The Skin Room I created a blog about all things skincare. Over the years, the bigger this business has gotten and the busier I’ve gotten I found that I only had time for so many “extra” things. One of my employees, Hannah, took over posting for a while but now she is BOOKED FREAKING SOLID too….so eventually we said goodbye to the blog. 


Fast forward to now, a few years later, I am finding myself in a transitional season of my career. I have been a working esthetician for 10...guys, TEN years. If you’ve followed The Skin Room this entire time you probably know that it began with just little me, in a little….well….room! But thats not what it is anymore. It has somehow turned into this huge, amazing business. And with that has come 10 other people whose success I am partly responsible for. 10 other people who deserve to have their Skin Room hearts nourished. My years as an esthetician have been incredible. I feel so lucky to have found a career that sets my heart on fire every single day, a career that was truly meant for me. But now it feels right to shift my focus towards something else that I believe I was put on this earth for: helping others to fall in love with this industry as I have, helping others to follow their dreams and not take no for an answer when it comes to what they feel in their soul. I had my time….no it’s their turn. 


What does that have to do with me blogging now? Slowly I am giving up client days so that the other amazing service providers that I have hired can have space to do this thing that they love. And, although after every apprentice that I have trained I say “I am never doing this again”, I find myself preparing to start the journey with TWO new apprentices in the next couple of weeks. This means that a large part of my time will be dedicated to teaching them. And I’ve never had two apprentices at once before, so I may come out of it a little worse for the wear. I may end up looking a hot mess to the outside world, but man will my heart be happy watching these two young people build a career for themselves. 


As I give up client days, I am probably the biggest basket case that I have ever been. I never expected that this transition would be the emotional rollercoaster that it has been. One minute I am terrified at the thought of giving up 1. My time with clients that I have grown to adore and cultivated such strong friendships with and 2. Being a service provider has been my source of income for the past 10 years. But then the next minute I find myself excited to shift into more of a “business owner” role….I mean, think of ALL THE POWER HEELS I can wear. There’s no rhyme or reason, that I’ve found anyway, for which emotion I feel on which days so this is my public apology to all of the humans that have to deal with me every day...Guys, check on Kiersten, she is probably NOT okay. Ha. Im just kidding, if anyone can handle my specific type of cray, its her. 


Either way, though, its a-happenin! So I might as well embrace it. And part of my embracing of this weird season is occupying myself with the “extra” segments of The Skin Room that Ive had to put on the  back burner over the years....the things that I used to have the time to do back when I had like, a normal amount of clients, not a billion. Podcasting, social media, maybe finally finishing the book I’ve been writing for like ever, education, supporting my staff personally and professionally, giving back to our community, and dun dun dun blogging! 


This blog will mainly be...well….what we do: skincare! But, if you know me you know that my brain moves very quickly and I like to tell the world everything that I’m thinking. So you never know what you may find here on these pages. But I do promise you that every piece of this blog will be genuine and truly from my heart, there will be no bullshitting involved because thats just not who I am. Yes, there may be some shameless plugs for the products and services that we love at TSR, but this blog is no to sell things, it is to inform and to engage with the people who have supported my little business over the years. I also feel like its important to show the world what The Skin Room really is….how we have created the nourishing environment that we have, how we build and maintain such strong friendships within our staff, how we forever fiercely support each other’s inner badass, and maybe even the age old question: DO I actually require my staff to compliment every single client? (Spoiler alert: the answer is no. My employees are just amazing and we adore our clients and see their true beauty even when they cant.)


My awesome management team of Kiersten, Laura, and Aleena will also be guest writing some posts. They each have so much knowledge and important things to say and I am so excited to give them this platform for it. 


So buckle up and hold on to your butts…..and welcome to my world <3