Sage that shit!

´╗┐Do you ever wake up and feel like you're just not feeling it?

Have you felt someone's energy and it didn't sit right with you?

Did your evil eye keychain break right when you pulled into work?

Sage that shit!


Maybe you're thinking, "Okay, Mooniepie, that's easy to do but what in the hell are you talking about??"

Or maybe you're thinking, "Yeah.. that sounds like some hippie-dippie crap and I am not here for it"


No problem babe. We at TSR are all about YOU DOIN YOU, BOO

If you're still here and reading this and you have no idea what I am talking about, then you can bet your bippy I am about to tell you!


Sage. AKA Smudging.

Smudging is an ancient spiritual ritual and it is still practiced today.

The act of burning sage and letting it smoke is said to dispel negative energy, it improves intuition, & improves mood (Who does not want that?)


You can find sage at a local garden center if you're really motivated and want to bundle your own sage

Or you can find sage a local shop or online already pre-made

Orrrrr come to your favorite place (The Skin Room) and you can purchase a BEAUTIFUL sage bundle with your very own pocket crystal


Okay! So now that you have your sage, you're going to want to grab a dish (non-flammable), a lighter, a feather, and something or some place that you want to sage.

You're going to start by lighting the tip of the sage on fire, then blow out the flame and let the smoke turn white. Grab your feather and start moving the smoke in an outward motion. If you want to cleanse your house I would start at the front door and work your way around the house in a clockwise motion. Get in every room, and every nook and cranny. You can repeat a mantra or even think happy & positive thoughts. Really it doesn't have to be so specific. Follow your intuition. If you have something in your house and you can just feel like there needs some energy shifting.. go ahead and sage that shit! Did you pick up someone's vibrations that just don't sit right with you? Sage that shit! You can give yourself a sage bath! Start at your feet and work your way all the up your body finishing above your head. Really the possibilities are endless!


Have I convinced you to run out and start smudging everything and everyone yet?!!!!???


I hope that you have better energy, better vibes, more happiness, more manifesting.. honestly just a better life all around!


If you are here reading this blog and you have made it all the way through and you're still like, "Mooniepie, I have read this whole damn blog and it still isn't for me girl."

100% fine! Maybe you know someone that would be in to this kind of stuff and you get them their very own sage bundle!


I hope you have the most beautiful & blessed day


Your Bestie,



Laura Moon

Client Relations Manager

The Skin Room